September 10-13, 2020

Participation Fees

Participation Fees paid before June 30, 2020 (excluding the last minutes or on-site fee)

  • Regular: 11500 Yen (ca. 85 Euro)
  • IQLA Member: 5400 Yen (ca. 40 Euro)
  • Student (*): 5400 Yen (ca. 40 Euro)
    (*) A certification is necessary at the time of payment.
  • NINJAL Professors and Lecturers: None.
  • Last minute or on-site (after July 1, 2020): 19000 Yen (ca. 140 Euro)
The participation fee will include:
- an abstract book for the conference (PDF file for the last minute fee),
- a conference volume of full papers (online version except authors of full papers who will receive a printed version),
- fees for the conference rooms,
- some stationery, and
- beverages and snacks for session breaks.

Examples of items which are not covered by the participation fee:
lunches, conference dinner (ca. 60 to 80 Euro), excursion (on September 13, 2020, optional), travel costs to/from the conference venue.

No Refund
Partipation fees are not refunded for any reasons.